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Recently I saw some super cute ideas on Pinterest for pumpkins and couldn’t wait to give them a try.

The first idea was a glitzy spider web pumpkin. I bought a white decorative pumpkin at Michaels and some adhesive rhinestones. I was able to cut strips of the rhinestones and lay them on the pumpkin without putting them on individually and it worked perfectly. The strips also were flexible enough for creating the curved lines inside the web. I used an old spider ring I had and cut off the ring part and attached the spider with hot glue.spider web pumpkin closeup

The second idea is a rustic paper/wire pumpkin. The idea I saw on Pinterest was done with regular twine soaked in glue to make it stiff. I used paper-wrapped wire that can be found in the floral section of craft stores. It comes in a circular ball which was perfect for creating the pumpkin. I just cut off the wire at a certain point, wound the cut end around one side of the circular wire and then pulled out the circles to form the pumpkin shape. I made a small one and one larger size. On the small pumpkin (in the photo below) I just used the end of the wire and the frazzled paper for the stem. On the larger pumpkin (not shown) I inserted a cinnamon stick for the stem.rustic paper wire pumpkin

I made a vignette of the pumpkins along with a beautiful mercury glass pumpkin I bought at a local gift shop.pumpkin arrangement