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This weekend I had a craft day with my granddaughter Hadley. I got the best idea from a friend on how to make cracked marble jewelry. I bought the lightly colored marbles at the Dollar Store and the bead caps at a local bead shop. We put several of the marbles into a muffin tin in a 400 degree oven and after 20 minutes took them out and put them immediately into a bowl filled with ice water. The insides of the marble crack and the outside stays perfectly smooth. We glued the marbles into the bead caps and were thrilled with how beautiful our new pendants were.

Hadley and I both put on glasses when I put the marbles into the ice water, just in case they happened to pop out of the bowl (which they didn’t). I gave Hadley a pair of my glasses and we laughed at how funny they looked on her.Hadley with glasses

We had so much fun doing this project together and love how the necklaces turned out. We have another craft day coming in November for a fun Christmas project too.Hadley and necklace fixed



necklace2 fixed2