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Recently Steve, Izzi and I took a long-awaited camping trip to the beach. We stayed at the Honeyman State Campground near Florence, which is in the dunes area of the Oregon Coast. The weather at home was going to be scorching (near 100 degrees) so it was good timing to head for the coast. We enjoyed much cooler weather and it even rained a little on two of the nights. We had a campfire each night, lots of wonderful meals and much needed relaxing time. Our campground was near the dunes, so the beach was actually 2 miles away through the dunes. We eventually found areas where we could kinda get beach access to let Izzi run in turbo through the sand, but it was frustrating to try and find a way to get to the beach and we discovered how very lucky we are to live near the Northern Oregon Coast where there is great beach access no matter where you go.  Here are some photos from our trip… 

pretty scene, but the beach was a long way from the top of this  hill  c2g Izzi turbo-ing in the sand c2i  c2j                 c2dc2bc2h

Izzi sat at this door watching the chipmunks for a long time  


scenic view north of Florence on the way home  beach from stevies phone our truck and cute trailer headed home truck and trailer