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I will soon (end of August) be quiting my 9 to 5 job and pursuing more of my creative interests which are my real passion. I plan on doing shows in our local area and will keep you posted of those happenings, and will just simply enjoy spending my time doing the things I really love and also spending more time with my family. Steve is an avid biker and I have just been joining him on weekends, but now will be able to go with him on his rides three times a week. He gets out on the trail very early in the morning at dawn and is anxious to show me how beautiful it is at that time of day.

teeb on bike teeb on bike2

It will be fun to share more time with our cute lively dog Izzi too.



We will be doing more camping adventures and have a special trip planned this Fall for riding the Hiawatha Trail in the Bitteroot Mountains with our whole family, including grandkids. This has been on Steve’s “bucket list” for awhile and our kids treated him to this trip as a birthday gift for him this year. So I will have photos of that fun trip along with our other adventures coming soon.

Here are some photos I took recently when my daughter Kym and I did our annual summer trip to Cannon Beach.