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My good friend Susan’s son Justin has a dog that just loves him. However, when Justin leaves for any length of time, the dog gets anxious and gets in his “naughty” mode. One day when Justin left for a few hours, his dog decided to make a statement and chewed up the seat of Susan’s beautiful Victorian couch. I was away at the time, but received a sad text with a photo from her – she was devastated.

Years ago I had upholstered a pair of Queen Ann chairs for our parlor, so Susan asked (and pleaded) for me to upholster her couch. This was a major undertaking and I was very leary about doing the job for her, but after a lot of discussion (and more pleading) I said I would do it. We picked out some beautiful fabric for it and trim and I was on my way. It really was quite the project and I have renewed respect for all upholsterers. I was able to finish the couch in time for a party Susan was having in early November and I was actually at the party and you would have thought the couch was one of my children the way I internally worried about how it would do and quietly gasped when someone had food and drink near it, but all went well and it survived and so did I.

Here are photos of my venture…..