Woodburning – Pyrography

It was in 1980 that I became interested in the ancient art of pyrography (woodburning) and, through experimentation, have developed my own style and technique.  It is this art form that very uniquely expresses my interpretation of the images I am reproducing.

The images are first sketched lightly on the wood free-hand and then, using the various shading and detail techniques of the woodburning pen, I create the finished work.  A touch of colored pencil or acrylics is added occasionally to some of the pieces as a final enhancement of the work.  In addition, I have the capability of enhancing the image with calligraphy, also done with the woodburning pen.  I have chosen basswood for my woodburning as it has a nice smooth consistent grain that doesn’t interfere with the finished artwork.

I feel that being able to recreate a certain mood or feeling through a subject’s transformation from its original form onto the wood is my greatest reward.  My most popular requests are for clients’ pets and homes.

Come visit my Etsy shop Reflections by Sal for my custom woodburned pet portraits.

Please feel free to contact me with any special requests.Shaunas dogs

buddy woodburning